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We are pleased to announce the cast of Little Mermaid!  Congratulations to everyone!!Ariel:Krista Vaughn

Eric:Jordon Paclula
Willem: Bazzy Huffman palent
Cha Cha: Grace Greco
Kavender: Selma Rhodes
Chaptain: Erin Chaves
Happy: Annika Johnson
Pepe: Sue Rieger
Tailor: Mira Wibel
King Neptune: Kyle McFarlane
Luigi: Madison Rhodes
Octavia: Megan Curran
Grunty: Anna Wilel
Sharkie: Zoey McBride
Shifty: Abbie Baker
Mumbles: Lexi McFarlane
Bugsy: Mariah Summerhill
Octavia II: Lindsey Westford
Shelly: Ashley Dewit
Sandy:Emily Wrisley
Misty: Piper Quimby
Coral: Jade Read
Pearl: Marissa Sannes
Bubbles: Natalie Domitrovich
Charlie: Kennison Quimby
Cod Aislynn Quimby
Hannah-Rose Shuster
Brianna Bender
Miriam Breithaupt
Isabelle Carson

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Fri to Sun
10/10 to 10/26
The Little Mermaid
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The Little Mermaid
Friday to Sunday 10/10 to 10/26
The Little Mermaid
SHOWS 1:00pm, 4:00pm, 7:00pm |
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Directed by Danielle Read.
The tale of the young mermaid longing to be human began in the 19th century, with Hans Christian Andersen, Denmark’s most famous author. Ariel, The Little Mermaid, longs to be human and to live and walk on land. She saves a Prince from drowning when his ship goes down in a storm and then falls in love with him. Ariel sacrifices her beautiful voice to transform her tail into legs and leaves her family and the sea to become a human girl. The story includes both her friends and her enemy, the wicked sorceress, Octavia, the Octopus.

The Little Mermaid, her friend and cohort, Cha Cha, the evil octopus Octavia and her shark henchmen, the tailor and a variety of fish, shellfish and more will find a place in your hearts as they take you “under the sea.”